Angelina Jolie hired her daughter as her assistant

Angelina Jolie has hired her daughter as her assistant. Angelina Jolie has every intention that her new project, the Broadway adaptation of the musical The Outsiders, will be family-friendly, and that is that the protagonist of Maleficent has hired her daughter Vivienne as his assistant. Vivienne, the youngest of Angelina Jolie and her ex Brad Pitt’s six children, will serve as his production assistant on the project, with the intention of gaining experience in the performing arts. Apparently, the 15-year-old fell in love with the story when she accompanied her mother to the play’s premiere in San Diego, California, however, that wasn’t the reason Angelina hired her. Angelina told Entertainment Tonight that Vivienne is perfect for the role because the way she is, she never likes to be in the limelight, while also preferring to support talent on a more discreet level . “Viv reminds me of my mother in the sense that she focuses on being a support to other creatives rather than being the center of attention,” the actress said in the statement. Furthermore, she is sure that her daughter will work very hard to understand what her responsibilities are and how she can contribute to the success of music. Angelina said, “She is very thoughtful and serious about theater and works hard to make a better contribution.”

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