Angelina Jolie on divorce from Brad Pitt: “I was afraid for my family”


LONDON – During the marriage with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie he was afraid, “for my whole family”. The American actress returns to the controversy over her stormy relationship with the other Hollywood star, which ended in an even more sensational divorce in which she accused him of domestic abuse, in particular against his children.

Interviewed by Guardian on the occasion of the release of one of his books, Know your rights (“Know Your Rights”), co-written with Geraldine Van Buren, a lawyer specializing in child advocacy, and Amnesty International, Jolie says she conceived the volume after meeting “too many children who have lived under the effect of the violation of their rights “. A situation, of which she has become particularly aware in 20 years of humanitarian missions in emerging countries, which made her “very angry” and pushed “to do something to resolve it”.

But what he adds surprises the interviewer for the British newspaper and arouses his curiosity to know more. “Then I had an experience in the United States with my own children and I thought: human rights, children’s rights,” says the 46-year-old actress of countless films and Oscar winner, as well as director, producer and activist. What happened, the journalist urges her, to make her fear for the human rights of her children? “I’m still limited by my legal situation”, replies the actress, “I can’t talk about it”.

Angelina Jolie again against Brad Pitt and summons her teenage children


Are you alluding to the divorce from Brad Pitt and the domestic abuse allegations she made against him? Jolie replies that she is legally forced to remain silent on the matter. Together with the protagonist of Once upon a time in … Hollywood she had three children and adopted three more. They were the golden couple of American cinema. Then came the divorce with accusations, denials and counter-accusations: their separation is over, but the battle for custody of the children continues.

Brad Pitt wins over Angelina Jolie: actor gets child custody

Then the reporter suggests that she assent with the boss, if he refers to the divorce from Pitt and the allegations he made against him. And Angela nods yes. So, is the last question on the matter, were you afraid for the safety of the children? This time he answers in words: “Yes, for my family. For my whole family.” It sounds like an implied accusation that Brad has threatened the human rights of their children. Another spark in the legal battle to decide how to exercise parental responsibility over them.


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