Angelina Jolie opens the year with a new boyfriend

Angelina Jolie has entered 2023 on the right foot. The 47-year-old actress has found love again. Is about Paul Mescal, an artist 20 years younger than her. Far gone are the times when she was in love with Brad Pitt. The interpreter would be dating a colleague, Paul Mescal, who is promoting his work A Streetcar Named Desire in London. Even the British capital has moved Angelina Jolieon a flight originating in the USAto be close to what could be his new sentimental partner.

Angelina and Paul have been photographed in a cafeteria located in the vicinity of the London theater. The actors had the company of shiloh, one of Jolie’s daughters. The photo has gone viral and rumors that there is a relationship between the two something more than a friendship They have gained a lot of strength in the last few days.

Paul Mescal is a 26 year old Irish actor, so it could perfectly be a son of Angelina. Despite his youth, the interpreter has won a BAFTA and has been nominated for the Emmy Awards. The actor has a promising career ahead of him, as he has demonstrated with one of his most relevant roles, in the series normal people.

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