Angelina Jolie Paul Mescal | This would be the couple of the actress, the actor of Aftersun

Angelina Jolie, this would be her partner according to the latest rumors

Angelina Jolie has stayed away from controversies and rumors about alleged partners since she separated from Brad Pitt, staying focused on resolving family issues and spending time with her children. However, in recent months there have been various media and publications that have linked her to a young actor from whom, according to rumors, a new couple could have emerged.

This has been confirmed by various American media, while many other digital newspapers insist that they are only united by admiration and friendship, the link between Angelina Jolie and the actor from ‘Normal people’what’s wrong with it 27 yearsIt is, at least, obvious. This is confirmed by the latest photographs in which Angelina is observed spending time with him and his daughter Shiloh.

The aforementioned lucky would be the Irish actor Paul Mescal, recently nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Actor thanks to his performance in the film Charlotte Wells, ‘Aftersun’.

Paul Mescal.

In mid-January, some paparazzi caught the couple talking in a London cafe, a meeting that occurred after the actor ended his courtship with Phoebe Bridgers, singer-songwriter, after two years of relationship. According to witnesses and various media, both would have seen each other on more than one occasion and even Mescal cI would already know the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad PittIn fact, in the meeting captured by the press they were in the company of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. According to US media, mother and daughter would have gone to see the play ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ in which Mescal acted.

“Only admiration”

Despite the rumors that insist on a relationship, the truth is that there are still no graphic documents of an affectionate approach on the part of both interpreters and many journalists strive to insist that they are only united by mutual admiration and, especially, the admiration of the Angelina Jolie’s eldest daughter to Mescal. Apparently, Shiloh could have asked her mother to meet the actor as she is a “big fan of his work”, a version that could fit perfectly due to Mescal’s recent great success in both series and movies.

The truth is that Angelina has stayed out of any controversy regarding her private life in recent years. Although details about Jolie’s divorce with Brad Pitt have been known, the years in which Hollywood aired the courtships between the interpreter and well-known actors and actresses in the world are behind.

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