Angelina Jolie: Salma Hayek is the Star of her new Films

Angelina Jolie works as a director. Salma Hayek is supposed to shine in front of the camera in the leading role of “Without Blood”.

Angelina Jolie (47) continues her career as a director fortress. Her biggest project to date is said to be in the works. According to “Variety”, her next film, which she also wrote and produced, will feature none other than Salma Hayek (55) in a leading role. Production is said to have already started in Rome and southern Italy.

Whoever Jolie’s previous film is “Without Blood” is a drama. The film will revolve around a young girl who has to witness the brutal murders of her father and brother. In the course of time, she encounters “universal truths about war, trauma, memory, and healing,” according to the project’s plot. Jolie apparently plans to stay close to the original novel. The film is said to be based on the 2002 bestseller by Alessandro Baricco (64). Details about Hayek’s role are not yet known. In addition to her, Demián Bichir (58) will also play an important role, it is said.

Hayek and Jolie became friends while filming together

Oscar winner Jolie has directed four films in the past few years – the most recent being “First They Killed My Father”, which was nominated in 2018 for the Golden Globe and the BAFTA Award. The fact that a Hollywood star slips into the leading role for her in “Without Blood” could be due to a common history between Hayek and Jolie.

Apparently, the two actresses became friends when they posed together in front of the camera for the Marvel film “Eternals” (2021). “I have found a soul sister who is similar to me in many ways,” Hayek said of Jolie at the time, according to Elle. “I felt like I’d known her all my life. I got to know her a little bit better than everyone else and that’s very valuable to me.”

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