Angelina Jolie, sources close to Brad Pitt think she is engaged in a hate campaign against him

Angelina Jolie’s new revelations about Brad Pitt and the private jet fight, dating back to 2016, have sparked discussions in the last few hours. The actress, through the lawyers, has in fact reported physical violence against her and those of the couple’s children. But there is an article published by TMZ that also reports Brad Pitt’s version, via some accredited sources close to the actor. As reported by the American portal, in fact, sources close to Brad claim that Angelina Jolie is engaged in a smear campaign against Brad Pitt, replying to the same accusations that she has made for years, which however have remained unfounded with the authorities. TMZ writes that “Angelina’s repeated attempts to portray Brad as a child molester have strained their 6 children, who are now almost strangers to their father. As a source said, Brad is now in a “limited and strained relationship, due to his alienation campaign”. ”

Brad, for his part, has denied the version of Angelina, reiterated over the years and released with more details today, and denied the allegations of abuse, but the actress has pressed the authorities to have her thesis accepted. And there was no lack of investigations. First with the FBI, for example, but they investigated and concluded that there were not enough allegations to go on. Then, as always reported by TMZ thanks to some sources, with an investigation by the Department of Child and Family Services, this too closed due to lack of evidence. Angelina then went to the family court in an attempt to convince the judge, regarding her divorce with the actor, that Pitt was an unsuitable parent and that he shouldn’t have any custody regarding her children. The judge’s decision, after hearing the evidence, was the granting of custody to the 50 and 50 between the former spouses, not giving reason to Angelina, who then subsequently filed what she thought was an anonymous lawsuit on freedom of information against the FBI, demanding to go public with his allegations about the private jet accident.

Until yesterday, with further details revealed about what happened on the jet in 2016. As sources tell TMZ, the lawsuit, involving French winery Château Miraval, has nothing to do with his allegations of abuse. Despite this, Angelina talked about that episode in great detail. So the thesis of the sources close to Brad Pitt is clear: Angelina wants revenge against Brad …


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