Angelina Jolie style: young 90s and today


of Angelina Jolie there is a lot of talk. Of his HusbandsOf sonsOf film and his humanitarian commitment. But also his style deserves attention: orgni his outfit is impeccable. It is difficult to find another star who like her has never made a faux pas fashion. Since it came to success in the 90s to date, his way of dressing has changed in mood, but he has kept unchanged some traits that have become his trademark. In the name of a feminine style, elegant and sensual from head to toe.

angelina jolie young style today comparison

From left, Angelina Jolie in 2021 and at the Golden Globes of 2012 in Atelier Versace .

The 90s style

the 90s have been for Angelina Jolie those of the debut in the world of cinema up to the interpretation in 1999 of the problematic and rebellious Lisa Rowe in the film Girls interrupted that will make them win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. In those years her look still shows the dark roots of the style she has loved since adolescence. Also the dress worn at the ceremony of the Academy Awards of 2000 it is black, long and tapered. En pendant with hair color and makeup, in sharp contrast with the very light skin of the face. At that time he often wears petticoat dresses, alternating black with white and experimenting Shimmering surfaces. Like those of the dress sported at the Golden Globes in 1999 with her then husband Johnny Lee Miller.

angelina jolie oscar 2000

Dark chic dress for Jolie in 2000, fresh from Oscar as a supporting actor for Girls interrupted.

The 2000s and the sexy turn

With the beginning of the new millennium for Angelina Jolie life changes suddenly. These are the years of planetary success, of the second husband, Billy Bob Thornton and films that attract the attention of the general public to her. from Out in 60 seconds at Lara Croft as Tomb Raiderfrom Original Sin at Violated identities. His style becomes more sensual and provocative, perhaps thanks to the relationship with her husband, passionate, provocative and transgressive. The two make themselves Tattoos dedicated and wear the other’s blood around their necks in a small ampoule. And they give spicy interviews. The clothes become more tight and wear often leather pants and micro T-shirt. But the marriage is not destined to last and ends with divorce in 2003.

angelina jolie billy bob thornton

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton at the time of their relationship, with dedicated tattoos and neck ampoules each containing the blood of the other.

The meeting with Brad Pitt

In 2005 he made the film Mr. E Mrs Smith alongside Brad Pitt. Between the two you can breathe a deep alchemy. In the same year Pitt divorced from Jennifer Aniston to whom he has been married since 2000. The public accuses Jolie of being the cause. In the following months the two do not escape the paparazzi and their relationship is there for all to see. Until it is sealed by the birth of the first natural daughter, Shiloh Nouvel. The Brangelina Island, or one of the most admired and photographed couples in the world. Here come the adopted children and humanitarian commitments are increasing. Angelina Jolie’s style evolves with her. It becomes simpler and more classic during the day. with wide dresses, ballerinas, blazers, t-shirts and tapered jeans.

angelina jolie brad pitt cannes 2009


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, very elegant, together on the red carpet of Cannes in 2009.

The red carpets in Old Hollywood style

But the most striking transformation takes place on the red carpet. the evening dresses they are classic, timeless, they follow those of the divas of the Old Hollywood. Satin alternates with velvet, favorite surfaces turn to sparkling. The bustier are tight and the skirts wide and fluid. Or Angelina bets on tapered silhouettes who draw the body, exalting it. Still wear a lot black and white but it does not disdain some foray into strong colors such as yellow, green and red. Rich in Drapery and valuable applications. With the passing of the years his style becomes even more lady-like. If on the red carpet she still plays as a diva, during the day she opts more and more often for suits from the retro mood, elegant and sophisticated. Like the gray suit pearl worn for meet Queen Elizabeth II in 2014.

angelina jolie Queen Elizabeth II

Lady-like look for Angelina Jolie in 2014, during the meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

The secrets of his style

Each of his transformations, however, has common traits that make his outfits perfect even today. First of all, focus on garments with a simple and minimal line, often in basic shade. From fluid clothes to T-shirts. By day Angelina Jolie he almost never wears printed or application-rich clothes. And opt for measured aspect ratios and classical forms, beyond the trends of the moment. On the red carpet, if in the 90s Wore satin or sparkling petticoat dressesFrom 2000 on then he increasingly bet on one timeless style. Long dresses like those of the divas who have made Hollywood history, albeit with a more contemporary twist. Designed specifically to enhance his statuesque physique. Favorite brands? Atelier Versace, Ralph & Russo, Elie Saab and Christian Dior.

angelina jolie cannes 2011

Again at the Cannes Film Festival, in 2011, with a splendid Atelier Versace dress.



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