Angelina Jolie unexpectedly arrives in Rocca Massima for the ‘flight of the angel’

Angelina Jolie she went by surprise to Rocca Massima, province of Latina, on Wednesday 22 June. The actress went to the charming town to do the ‘flight of the angel‘, the longest and fastest zip line in the world, whose peculiarity is to make flying people suspended in the air over three hundred meters high, hybridized and anchored to a steel cable. The owners of the Volo bar, in the immediate vicinity of the sporting attraction, took advantage of the moment to take a photo with the actress, then shared the shot on social media, where we read: “Did a flight to Rocca Massima, who will it be ???“.

The words of the vice-mayor of Rocca Massima

The Hollywood diva is in Latina for the filming of the film ‘Bloodless‘, based on the novel by Alessandro Baricco. It seems that Angelina liked her flight so much that she wanted to repeat it. “It came with twelve bodyguards that got everyone away from the launch point, and made a pitch“, said the deputy mayor Angelo Tomeiwho then added: “She allowed herself a photo with the two girls who accompanied her and prepared it. It is not known where or how she learned that she was in Rocca Massima the flight of the peregrine falconbut for the village it was a moment of pride to know that an actress like Angelina Jolie knows Rocca Massima“After the daring undertaking, the star visited the town, being particularly struck by the beauty of the village.

Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfiffer ignite the enthusiasm in Rome

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Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfiffer ignite the enthusiasm in Rome

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