Angelina Jolie, urgently evacuated during her trip to Ukraine

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    She is a special ambassador of the High Commissioner of the United Nations Organization for Refugees (UNHCR), but Angelina Jolie decided on a personal basis to make a trip to Ukraine in the middle of the war with Russia.

    Angelina Jolie surprised the world with a visit Lviv (Lviv), the main city in western Ukraineborder with Poland, where he met and became interested in the testimonies of the people affected by this armed conflict.

    “Their stories touched him deeply. A girl was even able to privately tell Mrs. Jolie what her dreams were,” Maxim Kozitskió, head of the Ukrainian town’s regional administration, said on Facebook. He himself stated that the media actress “did not miss the opportunity to speak with volunteers who provide medical and psychological assistance at the main railway station in Lviv.

    Angelina also visited a medical center where children injured in a Russian missile attack in Kramatorsk were being treated, speaking with volunteers and evacuees.

    Nevertheless, this visit was abruptly cut short when air-raid alarms began to sound and Angelina Jolie and her companions had to be building emergency evacuees in which they were.

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    Although the interpreter is well, It is not known if after this scare the actress will decide to return to the United States or will stay a while longer doing this charitable work. It is not surprising that Angelina has flown to the Ukraine, since she has always recognized that she has a very committed and strong caring side. “I am very lucky for the life I have and that is why I believe that I have the responsibility to make the justice that happens reach all parts of the world. Help people living in fear or terror to feel that they are not alone“, he said in one of his last speeches at the United Nations.

    A solidarity visit where Angelina Jolie is literally risking her life, but with which he makes it clear that his solidarity work is not just words, but also deeds. It is clear that the actress is a unique woman and very committed to her values.

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