Angelina Jolie will shoot her next film in Italy, the actress has chosen Puglia

Angelina Jolie will shoot her next film in Apulia, in Martina Franca, where she will set some scenes of the film adaptation of “Without blood”, the homonymous novel by Alessandro Baricco.

Angelina Jolie is ready to shoot her next film in Italy and would have already chosen a specific location from which to start shooting. The place in question is Martina Franca, in Puglia, where the actress went to make an inspection last March, precisely in Torre Chianca, accompanied by one of her daughters and at that juncture she would have fallen in love with the Apulian towns and decided to shoot “Without Blood “.

Angelina Jolie brings Hollywood to Puglia

The film would be the cinematic adaptation of the novel by Alessandro Baricco, “Senza Sangue”, which he bought the rights to in 2017, waiting for the moment to get behind the camera. That moment has arrived and together with the production company Fremantle, with whom she has signed a three-year agreement, Angelina Jolie will arrive in Italy to start shooting. This is also confirmed by the councilor of the Municipality of Tarantino Gianfranco Palmisano, who writes on Facebook

Angelina Jolie will shoot Martina some scenes of her film “Without blood” based on the novel by Alessandro Baricco “Senza Sangue”. Our beautiful historic center will be the set of the Hollywood star’s film in the coming weeks. It is not the first time that a film has been shot in Martina but it is the first time that our city has been chosen by a very prestigious international film production. The historic center will go to the big screen all over the world with an important image and economic return.

In addition to the Apulian municipality, where shooting should begin in the first days of June, the film will also have other locations and in fact the crew will move between Rome and Matera. It is not yet clear who the protagonists of the film are and if Italian actors will also be involved, but given the agreements with the well-known production company it is not excluded that some well-known faces of our cinema may appear.

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