Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Zahara, appears without Brad Pitt’s last name

Angelina Jolie has undoubtedly been An exemplary woman with an impeccable career as an actress, producer and activist However, it is her work as a mother that has got everyone talking about her She has dedicated herself to raising her 6 children alone.

In 2022 it was announced that his daughter zahra jolie was accepted into Spelman College in Atlanta, a prestigious university Personal HBCU liberal arts for women Which guaranteed quality education for black people, an achievement considered historic.

Although Zahra leads a very private life, she has proven to be an intelligent and passionate woman, like her mother. Although she is now dedicated to the university, she does not abandon her interest in humanitarian work and Her own jewelery line, Zahra Collection, Of which they have donated a percentage of the profits to shelters for victims of domestic violence. As if this were not enough, Zahra has also dedicated herself to studying languages French His greatest strength.

Zahra Jolie removed her father’s surname

Zahra has proudly joined a sorority, a tradition prevalent at colleges across the United States. At the age of 18, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter makes her debut as a new member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, However, it was surprising that when he introduced himself during the incorporation ceremony, he did Zahra Marley Jolie, dropping the last name Pitt.

“My name is Zahra Marley Jolie!”, he shouted in front of the fraternity members. Angelina Jolie was there when she introduced herself: “I come from the Golden State, the city of angels, Los Angeles, California… I’m number seven in line.”

The young lady looked stunning in a black midi dress, black heels and a white pearl necklace, matching her sisters. Alpha Kappa Alpha is historically the first black sorority and is a powerful force at Spelman College. Notably, his brothers Maddox and Pax flew in from Budapest, where they were shooting a film, to attend the ceremony.

Have Brad Pitt and his children broken up?

The fact that Zahara dropped her father’s last name had many people already speculating about a rift between Brad Pitt and his children.

It’s no secret that Zahara has been closest to Angelina Jolie, which has surprised many people How is your relationship with Brad Pitt?

The young lady’s story has not been easy, however, as the actress struggled to give her best. Birth Ethiopia But his biological mother abandoned him because she developed health problems during her childhood.

Angelina and Brad adopted her in 2005 when she was six months old. That’s why his nickname was Zahra.

Things got a bit tense after reports that Angelina filed for divorce after two years of marriage Brad was being investigated for child abuse related to the argument on the plane with Maddox, Details never fully emerged. When Brad filed for joint custody of the children, Angelina refused and the two have since been involved in a brutal legal battle that has led to the actor distancing himself from his children and them, especially the adults, deciding to distance themselves.

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