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One of the most difficult and longed for by many women and men, is lose weight, in the case of some it is easier than for others. However, it is not only about losing a few kilos, but about maintaining it, and that can also be difficult for many. Angelina Jolieone of the most beautiful in Hollywood, follows a Lifestyle to maintain your figure that can help you.

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One of the keys of the prominent 47-year-old actress is to follow a fairly healthy lifestyle, as Jolie avoids smoking tobacco, consuming dairy products, alcoholic beverages, coffee and sugar. Additionally, try to exercise daily.

As it became known, Jolie the first thing she eats in the day is a spoonful of coconut milk, because it has antibacterial properties; Her diet does not include red meat, carbohydrates, or fat, but she does include lean white meat such as different types of fish and chicken; In addition, she consumes steamed vegetables without salt and without sugar.

Keep in mind that this type of diet does not work for everyone, although you can follow some of these tips, healthy carbohydrates and fats, for example, in moderate amounts can help you not lose your muscle, but also increase it.

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Too There are speculations that Jolie, who is Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, consumes some insects such as ants, scorpions and tarantulas, and that she does so motivated by her son Maddox.

Remember that there are different types of diets (to maintain, increase muscle mass and lose weight), so you must set your goals very well before following an eating plan.

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If you have health problems and want to start a diet, first consult your doctor and follow the suggestions he gives you about eating.


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