Angelina Jolie’s low-cut dress in Rome around

The only one forever to pronounce with conviction, the definitive declaration of love for the evergreen of summer. Please observe the light rustling on the cobblestones of thewhite low-cut dress by Angelina Jolie, scenographic to taste to slip through the streets of the cities or the corridors of the most beautiful museums in the world. In her Roman summer of last July, in the breaks of the filming of her latest film as director Angelina Jolie did not miss the raids in the millenary culture of the city, accompanying her daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt to visit the Vatican Museums. And as per Angie’s tradition, there is only one dress that combines elegance and practicality, Catholic discretion and Hollywood stardom: shaped bodice, neutral Pantone, maxi length.

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L’Angelina Jolie’s favorite dress in every color, from light sand to beige to rigorous black, she who is the queen of the gods nudes always and anyway, and hardly sports intense colors on his days off. The red carpet is one thing, the newspaper is another. Angelina Jolie today is the gentle stardom that drops from heels in favor of Valentino’s braided bonbon slippers, betraying the need to be as less recognizable as possible only with sunglasses. But there is the long, low-cut dress by Angelina Jolie to put the personality back at the center, above all thanks to that bright off white that makes you forget problems, doubts and negative thoughts (like the arrival of your ex-husband to celebrate birthday of the twins Vivienne and Knox, for example). It is the summery look par excellence to wear all day long solving doubts and unresolved for the day and the evening, the suitcase and the wardrobe. There is only one maxidress to have always and forever, and Angelina Jolie is her muse.

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