Angelina Jolie’s medium haircut perfect for over 40s

What is an extremely elegant, versatile, essential, timeless medium cut but also with that little bit extra? Without a doubt that Angelina Jolie, has now abandoned her very long hair in favor of a truly extremely chic medium solution. His style evolution arrives here today, with a bon ton hairstyle, which if possible, highlights, even more, her unique beauty.

The detail that makes the difference is that this extreme simplicity of the cut allows you to wear it in different ways: with the middle row for crops and seeds, with the sideline to have more volume and give movement to the foliage. In this case, you can also vary the styling, for example by letting the front tuft fall on the forehead for a sexier look, or simply bring the locks behind the ears for a more disciplined style.

How to add personality to a medium cut like Angelina Jolie’s

Needless to underline how such a minimalist medium cut, where even the color is very natural, fits perfectly on a beautiful, regular and magnetic face like that of Angelina Jolie. She in this chic dress is, even more, of an example to follow. Getting inspired by her style for a pointed look to the essence of elegance it’s still a great idea, but it can be customized and updated. In fact, on her the length has been cut perfectly even, except for the two slightly shorter front locks, we can add some details.

For example, you can create a very light scaling in the final part, which will give movement to perhaps fine and straight hair. It is also a great way to rejuvenate the cut if perhaps it is too flat on us, making it more contemporary. A few very light lights will complete everything in a discreet way and you will have obtained a look that you will never stop falling in love with.


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