Angelina Jolie’s Milk Manicure Is the Ultimate Luxury Accessory

manicure milky nails in the short and discreet nails of Angelina Jolie They only confirm a trend already anticipated by Jennifer Lopez or Rihanna. Of course, supremely functional and elegant in its own way, 100% Angelina.


Angelina Jolie Bets on the ‘Milky Nails’ Manicure.

And the thing is, if anyone represents the trend of silent luxury it’s Angelina Jolie. The actress with Ferragamo’s Gancini sandals, Loro Piana bag, Brunello Cucinelli dress or Capri skinny pants that she repeats every summer, epitomizes a timeless, classic and minimalist style that always looks good. So it’s not surprising to us that they’ve added a new element to the equation: manicure Milk It’s the new favorite luxury accessory,

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Angelina Jolie has spent a few days in sunny Rome, not going with the flow tomato girlStaying faithful to his usual style: blazer Cream-colored sheer knit (a vintage Chanel piece she wore on her son’s arm at the White House reception in April), a flowing white dress, gold jewelry, and a discreet black bag (her favorite from Saint Laurent one of). When he left his hotel, he held it close to his chest, so it was imperative to pay attention to him manicure,

short nails and of milk by Angelina Jolie

white enamel is the perfect finish for a looks like elegant and summer not only in color, but also discreet in shape, manicure Milk by Angelina Jolie To emphasize the naturalness bet on short and round nails. As such, they are regarded as the definitive accessory of ‘silent luxury’ outfits.

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Detail of Angelina Jolie’s ‘Milk Bath Nails’

But whether you wanted to join the movement for a secretive, more subtle opulence, or just wanted to go with a natural manicure that accentuates your nails, any manicure of milk This is a good option. After all, it’s like highlighter for makeup or lip gloss: like bare nails, only better.

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Translation and adaptation: Blanca de Almandoz

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