Angelina Jolie’s tape that sweeps HBO Max

This Sunday, with the final end of the Christmas holidays, is presented more sunday than ever. A day to finish resting and recharging our batteries, because tomorrow everything returns to normal and surely, with the routine underway, we should already value all those new purposes that we have promised ourselves this 2023. But before all that, as always, streaming platforms offer the best news to spend a good afternoon of “blanket and movie” and What better way than with the new Angelina Jolie tape that is sweeping HBO Max? Is named Those who wish my death and this is its official synopsis:

Those who wish my death
‘Those who wish me dead’ (New Line Cinema)

Connor (Finn Little) is a witness to a murder where two killers are chasing him through the Montana wilderness. Luckily, on the way he meets hannah (Angelina Jolie), an expert firefighter in survival. With her holding her hand, they intend to avoid her henchmen, as well as dodge a fire that they have caused to divert attention. Both will have to overcome the danger of these two relentless hitmen, while Hannah, in turn, must overcome a traumatic event from her past.

Those who wish my death
‘Those who wish me dead’ (New Line Cinema)

Released in 2021 under the direction of Taylor Sheridan, Those who wish my death is presented as a survival thriller in which pure entertainment is prioritized over everything else. It is not the first time that Sheridan raises a story of man against nature in her filmography. In 2017 she premiered the magnificent Wind Riverwho followed an FBI agent and a young tracker to investigate a murder on a Native American reservation and the following year, was the showrunner from the series yellowstone that raises the confrontation between a family with the largest ranch in the United States and the government that supports an Indian reservation. Sheridan seems to have taken a liking to conducting television series, since she has four other active series apart from yellowstone; Major or Kingstown, 1883, 1923 Y Tulsa King.

Those who wish my death provides fans Jolie’s return to action movies that so popularized his career in the late 90s and early 2000s, premiering the same year as his Marvel adventure with the ill-fated Eternals. The Academy Award winner was not starring in a film since Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and it seems that she has finally reactivated her career as an interpreter, so in the near future we could see her involved in new projects.

Based on the novel by Michael Koryta, the cast includes other big names in acting such as Jon Bernthal, Nicholas Hoult or Aidan Gillen.

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