Anna Kendrick in the movie Nicole, the first photo from the set


Santa Claus will soon have a female alter-ergo and to bring it to the big screen will be Anna Kendrik, the veteran of the saga of Twilight is the face chosen to play Nicole Claus. On her Instagram profile, the actress released a photo taken during the filming of the Walt Disney Studios children’s film. Nicole it is a film in which we will also be able to see Shirley MacLaine, as well as big names like Billy Eichner and Bill Hader.

Anna Kendrick in the movie Nicole

A family comedy with a Christmas air, it begins with the retirement of Santa Claus replaced by his eldest son who, however, will have a panic attack when he gets on the sled to deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve. This is where Nicole Claus, her sister and daughter of Santa Claus, comes into play, who will take care of saving the children’s favorite holiday and delivering all the gifts on time. Nicole was written by the director himself, Marc Lawrence, the production, on the other hand, is entrusted to Susanne Todd. Anna Kendrick has repeatedly brought Jessica Stanley to the stage in the various chapters of Twilight, but it is with Up in the Air that she gets the Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Here is the photo shared by the actress:

Anna Kendrick, from Twilight to Santa’s wife

Nicole isn’t the only movie to talk about Santa’s family: in fact, Melissa McCarthy is working on a musical called Margie Claus. Hollywood Reporter announced that New Line Cinema has recently cast the talented TV comedian for the role of Santa Claus’s wife, Margie Claus. The film is written by Damon Jones and by the husband of Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone. Margie Claus recounts the mysterious disappearance of Santa Claus during deliveries on Christmas Eve. His wife, Margie, must leave the North Pole for the first time in decades to lead a rescue team to find her husband and save Christmas.

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