Working on the skin is extremely important, which is why more and more celebrities are recommending treatments to improve skin texture as quickly as possible. Although wrinkles and blemishes are beautiful, they can also make you look tired and sad. For this reason, whether you are 20 or 50 years old, it is already a priority to entrust yourself to experts in beauty treatments to improve the quality of your skin and get a glowing complexion again.

Of all the anti-aging treatments that we can try, today we are going to write about our favorite of them. Ana Milan, Which is minimally invasive and works very well to renew and regenerate the skin. Two factors in which it is better to act as early as possible to avoid the aging process. It’s about microdermabrasion, and it’s done in the temple of beauty’Tatcha Beauty‘ in Madrid.

Even at home we can work on facial skin with quality cosmetic products or massage like facial yoga, but to do it more accurately it is necessary to try cabin treatments. especially, microdermabrasion This is usually done by a dermatologist, aesthetic doctor or cosmetologist. Duration time is usually around 30 minutes and it can be done simultaneously with other treatments. Do you want to know what is included in it? keep reading!

Ana Madrid boasts of blemish-free skin. /Gtres

What is Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion performed by Ana Milne?

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion This is a facial cleansing treatment (and very effective at all ages) that works deeply on the skin to prevent aging as well as eliminate acne scars or enlarged pores. When performed through abrasion, dead cells from the outer layer of the skin are removed and imperfections are cleared. The result is skin without enlarged pores, a smoother texture, and fewer wrinkles. It mainly acts as a preventive to prevent skin flaking, but it also treats acne scars, red spots…

Ana Millen during her Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion session. / @anamilan

One of the advantages of diamond tip dermabrasion is It can be applied on all skin types without any problem.Even on the most sensitive skin.

Apart from facials, it can also be used on hands and neckline. Fortunately, it does not cause harm and several sessions are necessary to achieve the desired effect. Obviously, for the results to last, it is important not to smoke, drink too much alcohol, sunbathe or exercise excessively. And the thing is, habits that consume a lot of cellular energy make it difficult to maintain any beauty regimen.