Anne Hathaway and her 2022 style highlights

It often happens that celebrities are accompanied throughout their professional careers by characters who marked a before and after in their lives. Something that has happened to Anne Hathaway. The American actress influenced the growth of generations and generations giving life to the iconic Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada and the unmistakable (and very elegant) heiress of Genovia in surprise princess. Two interpretations that, without a doubt, led her to be the personality that she is today. So much so, that we still find reminiscences of the fashion component that was breathed in both fictions in the aesthetics that the actress currently has.


Anne Hathaway’s Summer Looks You’ll Want to Emulate Right Now

Anne Hathaway or how to wear a shirt dress on formal occasions

If there is a celebrity who has caused a stir on the Hollywood scene in 2022, that is Anne Hathaway. Because yes, although great public figures are used to posing in front of the camera spotlights on red carpets, there are always certain factors to take into account on each occasion to get out of trouble victoriously. Undoubtedly, the choice of clothing is one of those key elements to rise as a focus of attention for showing an image that is meticulous in detail, up to date with trends, in addition to attracting attention for the film project being promoted.

Why Anne Hathaway is at her style best


Anyone who has followed Anne Hathaway’s style evolution in real time for decades will know that, in 2022, there has been a remarkable change that deserves to be analyzed. When the American was presenting the film WeCrashed we learned that she had changed her stylist, a professional in the sector who definitely continues to change Hathaway’s course in terms of clothing, both in public events in which the dress code demands extreme formality as in the looks that the star defends in the newspaper.


Erin Walsh is the name of the new stylist who hides behind the constructions championed by the interpreter, a figure that has helped her establish herself as one of the most recognized muses of inspiration on the globe this year. Together with her, Anne Hathaway has experienced three moments to highlight in her career since the beginning of 2022. First, her attendance at the Cannes Film Festival, where she attended to present the film Armageddon Time. The looks to which Hathaway succumbed in the different days of the event did not go unnoticed at all.


For the occasion, the fashion benchmark opted for sixties-style minidresses from luxury houses such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton. While one of them was of type bustier dyed in blue, the other championed the use of tweed with a silhouette in the purest Brigitte Bardot style. Likewise, we cannot forget either the design that made the actress of The Miserables proclaimed herself queen of the French coast: the outfit made up of a crop top and skirt with a train signed by Armani Privé with which she evoked the divas of golden Hollywood.

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The collaboration with Bvlgari has also had a direct influence on Anne Hathaway being labeled as the absolute protagonist both on the red carpets where she attends with luxury items from the house of High Jewelry and in the events organized by the brand itself. Any other relevant work that has helped in the change of appearance of the interpreter? Hathaway’s alliance with Valentino. Definitely, she is one of the celebrities that best represents the spirit of the housewith outfits like the one he recently embraced at the presentation haute couture from Valentino, dyed in the shade of the year, pink Pink PP.

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