Anne Hathaway and her essential films

Anne Hathaway plays British author Jane Austen in the biopic ‘Becoming Jane’ (2007).

Anne HathawayBorn on 12 November 1982 in New York, the talented actress has left her mark on the film industry with her versatile and charismatic presence on the big screen. He started his career at a young age with television series, but it was in cinema that he gained real recognition. Hathaway She is known for her beauty, talent and ability to immerse herself in different roles.

Starting his career with the series and such is life ,get real) in the late 1990s, Hathaway He soon stepped onto the big screen with his role princess diary ,princess diary2001), directed by gary marshall, This film not only brought her fame but she was also able to share the screen with an icon like actor Julie Andrews, Colorful Fact: One of the producers of this film is Whitney Houston,

One of the highlights in the filmography of Hathaway your participation in the devil Wears Prada ,the devil Wears Prada2006), directed by david frankel, In this iconic classic, the actress shared a scene Meryl Streep, playing a young assistant in the competitive world of New York fashion. The film was a critical and commercial success and spawned many memes to the delight of Internet users.

in 2012, Hathaway He made his talent evident in the history of cinema with his role the Miserables ,Les Miserables), director Tom Hopper, Her performance as Fantine earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and showcased her talent in singing and dramatic acting.

Anne Hathaway won an Oscar in 2013 for her portrayal of Fantine in the film Les Miserables (AP).

In a completely different aspect, the dark Knight Rises ,the dark Knight Rises2012), directed by christopher nolanshows the versatility of Hathaway assuming the role of selina kylealso known as catwoman, His performance added depth and complexity to the character in this epic closer to the trilogy batman Of nolan And put it on stage in superhero style.

Another gem in the filmography of Hathaway Is interstellar (2014), re-directed christopher nolan, She plays scientist Amelia Brand in this science fiction film, which features a stellar cast Matthew McConaughey,

fierce (2016), directed by Nacho Vigalondo -The same one who directed that gem, called chronology-, is another example of a record of Hathaway, In this sci-fi comedy film, she plays a woman who discovers an unexplained connection with a giant monster that attacks Seoul. The film was praised for its originality and the actress’s acting.

Anne Hathaway Has consolidated a rich and varied career in cinema, which stands out for his ability to address a wide range of genres and characters. From comedies to intense dramas, through science fiction and superhero films, his filmography presents a complete vision of his talent and versatility on the big screen.

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