Anne Hathaway defies time

Anne Hathaway defies time


Actress Anne Hathaway revolutionized the world of fashion and art with her most recent and significant appearance. No, it was not a media scandal, a new movie or international recognition. This is the style that she chose for none other than fashion week in New York.

Is that the celebrity dressed practically the same as in the iconic scene of the movie “The devil wears fashion”. That made her fans, followers and the greatest exponents of fashion surrender at her feet.

Michael Kors’ Spring 2023 show featured a unique twist, reminiscent of the actress’s beloved character. Anne Hathaway played Andy Sachs as the secretary of the cruel fashion entrepreneur, Miranda Priestly, under the skin of Meryl Streep.

A coincidence (or coincidence) is that his place in the show of the new season in New York was right next to Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue herself, in its printing for the United States.

The film that was released in 2006 and was inspired by the novel by Lauren Weisberger gave life to one of the most remembered characters of Hathaway and Meryl Streep. The attendee at New York Fashion Week was just the secretary with aspirations to improve herself professionally, but she was far from luxuries, expensive clothes and, above all, fashion.

At that time, the iconic scene that has her as the protagonist and that she herself brought to the present with her recent appearance, had a completely relaxed look. Straight hair with straight bangs, a simple necklace, a brown leather jacket with high-top boots in the same tone, blue jeans and a T-shirt were all the elements selected to convey the characteristics of the character.

In this case, the choice of Anne Hathaway was very similar. With some differences, the essence is the same and the famous one knew very well what she was doing. An example is the fact of having returned to straight bangs.

On the other hand, the same shade of lipstick and the collar of the shirt together with the same shades of the 2006 production, is another detail that did not go unnoticed. The look was completed with pointe shoes, she changed the jean for the snakeskin-like skirt, the same fabric that she used for a long coat.

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