Anne Hathaway delighted with the Venezuelan cuatro

A few days ago, American actress Anne Hathaway starred in an anecdote that has moved Venezuelans.

It all happened because the remembered protagonist of ‘The diary of a princess’ was enchanted by the sound of the Venezuelan cuatro.

The story was told on Instagram by musician Jorge Glemm, who posted a photo with the Hollywood star.

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“Suppose a very pretty girl comes up to Carnegie Hall and says to me in English: “What is the name of your musical instrument? It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard in my life.” I answer: Four Venezuelan, like four in Spanish. I keep watching it and discover the character. The great Anne Hattaway»wrote.

Anne Hathaway delighted with the Venezuelan cuatro

After this, he said: “What an honor! Quadrisca family, we have a new fan of our national instrument. Keep working hard!”

Before this unforgettable moment, Jorge Glemm’s followers left him thousands of messages. Some of these were: «Luxury company», «Invite her to eat fried corocoro», «I was going to write to you that she is the princess of Genovia. How lovely our cuatro is”, “You are doing a wonderful job through your love, humility and your incredible talent with the cuatro. You are a great company».

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