Anne Hathaway Does This Ab Workout To Look Amazing At 40

Anne Hathaway Not only is she one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, but she is also one of the most beautiful. That is why here we share the Anne Hathaway’s workout routine to have a flat stomach at 40.

Although the protagonist of ‘Princess Diaries’ is 39 years old, these exercises for abdomen They are ideal for all those people who want a flat stomach and whose metabolism sometimes complicates the goal due to its natural slowdown.

According to the portal Fitness Clone, Anne Hathaway does a workout routine called 3-2-1, in which 3 sessions of cardio, 2 of strength and 1 of abdomen are carried out. This allows you work all the muscles of the bodyas well as working on agility and resistance at the same time.

Anne Hathaway photos
Anne Hathaway looks spectacular at 39 years old. Photo: Instagram @annehathaway

What abdominal exercises does Anne Hathaway do to have a flat stomach?

v oops

This abdominal exercise is also known as V crunches and is ideal for working the upper and lower abdominals, as well as strengthening the back muscles. To do this exercise, you must first lie down on the floor and, later, you must raise your legs and arms and try to touch your feet with your hands. Finally, slowly return to the original position. Anne Hathaway does 3 sets of 20 of these crunches to get a flat stomach.

exercises for abdomen
V crunches are ideal for a flat stomach. Photo: Unsplash

twisting plank

Surely you know the plank or ironone of the most effective abdominal exercises and that is based on supporting all your weight with the force of your belly. However, Anne Hathaway adds one more level of difficulty to flatten the belly and reduce the waist. This is the twisting plank. To recreate it, you only have to place yourself in a plank position (support on the forearms and toes) and move your hip to the right side and then to the left side. Do 20 twisting planks in 3 sets to get a flat stomach.

The plank is one of the most effective exercises to have a flat abdomen. Photo: Unsplash

bicycle crunch

If you want to have a flat stomach like Anne Hathaway’s, this is one of the most effective exercises. It is an abdominal that combines the movement of the legs as if you were on a bicycle. To do it, you must first lie down on a mat with your back straight and raise your knees to create a 90º angle with your abdomen. Bend your knees so that they are also at a right angle to your calves. Later, tilt your head a little and tighten your abdomen. Finally, extend one leg, while the other one is brought in the direction of your chin. The actress does three sets of 20 repetitions.

flat stomach
Do bicycle crunches to get a flat stomach. Photo: Pexels

With these exercises for abdomen you can show off a flat stomach like Anne Hathaway’s in no time. We recommend that, before performing this exercise routine, you consult a health professional so that they can tell you if it is the ideal one for you and your needs.

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