Anne Hathaway Reveals Her Favorite Outfit From The Devil Wears Fashion

Oscar-winning American actress Anne Hathaway is an icon of cinema and popular culture thanks to his immense talent, his great film career, his outstanding appearances in series programs and of course, his great sense of fashion, sophisticated and elegant that delights us on every occasion.

Celebrating his many successes, including the 21st anniversary of the classic “The Princess Diaries”as well as of course the fantastic “El Diablo Viste a la Moda”, among many other successful films under his belt, such as “Les Miserables”, “Interstellar” or “The Witches”the 39-year-old actress conducted an interview for the interview magazinewhere it also adorns the cover of its most recent edition.

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The theme around the photo shoot is the ‘sporty chic‘ and on the main page, for example, which the actress and the magazine share online, we can see Anne Hathaway in a chic and avant-garde style with a protective vest and sports shoulder padsclutching a skipping rope and glamorously made up in peach eyeshadow and pink lipsIn addition to loose hair.

She looks fabulous in other outfits she shares that balance out a versatile sophistication with the sports arena. In one image for example, jump rope in a strappy jumper synthetic material with buckle belt, sneakers and gloves.

While in other of the several images it stands out with a notched dress made of attached belts, strapless, with thigh slit. Or in high-waisted jeans and a terry cloth top, which shows off his figure as he lifts hand weights.

For the interview, Anne Hathaway also answered several questions for the section ‘Ask me anything’, in Spanish ‘Ask me whatever’and that were sent by friends of the actress or by other media personalities.

The designer Michael Cors asks him what his favorite outfit was that he wore in the movie The Devil Wears Fashion. “It’s a chicken and egg question, because what I consider my style is heavily influenced by working with Patricia Field and having conversations with her about putting together outfits. But I love what I wore to the James Hoult party, that Chanel velvet coat that came down to my knees, and then the miniskirt and the stockings and the baggy boots”, answers the actress.

The outfit in question is in fact the one that the character of Andy, the protagonist of the story, uses for a meeting-party that he attends. It consists of a mini-dress that matches with black stockings, knee-high boots, long coat and many golden necklacesvery fashionista.

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