Anne Hathaway surprises with a new pencil skirt look with pumps

The trends definitive that captivate the 2022 have shown and, among the first places, pencil skirts that sign elegance and timelessness in their path. Coincidentally, the interpreter of Armageddon Time has been seen, again, with a look in color light blue. The same tone with which he caused a stir on the red carpet at the premiere of WeCrashed, the series in which he co-starred with Jared Leto.

By the way, a few days after that event, the same shade of blue took it kim kardashian at the Oscars after party, in addition to other stars who have not resisted the charms of this color.

The truth is that, whatever the tonality, this type of straight skirts They are dominating the summer. Especially when looking to find ‘that’ outfit that makes you look stylish in less than three seconds. The actress has worn it in the classic silhouette: at her waist and just below her knees. To complement, she added a cotton t-shirt and ones pump shoes of the same star colour. Therein lies the secret in which even the set can go through a dress.

To finish the last touches of the characterization of Anne Hathawaywe should not rule out the short hairstyle with waves and volume that provides an immediate chic look, and the gloves? We should not minimize them, because this season they are everywhere, just like an infallible pencil skirt.


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