Anne Hathaway talks theory about her husband and William Shakespeare

Anne Hathaway finally addressed a crazy viral theory about her. And it is that for years a publication has been circulating on the networks that ensures that she and her husband, Adam Shulman, are the reincarnation of William Shakespeare and the writer’s wife.

The theory about Anne Hathaway and William Shakespeare

A few years ago, it went viral. a theory linking actress Anne Hathaway and legendary writer William Shakespeare. This, after many found that the husband of the Oscar winner was identical to the man who wrote Romeo and Juliet.

The theory became even stronger when information from the writer’s wife went viral, whose name was none other than Anne Hathaway. In addition, one of the writer’s phrases made everything make sense, when it was learned that he wrote to him: “I managed to be famous in this life and you will be in the next.”

  Adam Shulman and William Shakespeare
Adam Shulman and William Shakespeare

What did you reply?

Years after this theory about William Shakespeare was born, Anne Hathaway finally spoke about it. The actress was the most recent cover of Interview Magazine, where the model Bella Hadid was the one who asked him about it.

“Anne, there’s a big rumour. People say that your husband Adam looks just like William Shakespeare and you look just like his wifealso called Anne Hathaway,” Hadid began in the interview. “Are you really a time traveler and what do you think of this?”he asked.

Anne Hathaway for Interview
Anne Hathaway for Interview

Apparently, the actress is not bothered by the theory at all and in fact seems to like it quite a bit. “Actually that’s the most adorable question of all. The truth is, he does look a lot like William Shakespeare, doesn’t he?”answered.

“It’s a situation in update, but I’ll keep you updated the next time I see you”Hathaway continued. After all, true or not, it is certainly one of the most romantic theories out there around Hollywood.

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