Anne Hathaway teaches how to wear jeans at 30 with class and elegance: 4 modern looks

Anne Hathaway has become more than an actress, a fashion icon and her The 39-year-old loves every look she wears.

Since shorts, even pants, and dresses are some of the garments who has looked classy and stylish, giving fashion lessons.

One of the garments that she most often wears and with which she gives style classes are the jeans, from skinny to wide boot.

The famous one has the key to look elegant and youthful with this modern garment, and it is ideal for women of 30 years or more.

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Anne Hathaway has the keys to wearing jeans in elegant looks

Jeans with blazer and sneakers

Anne Hathaway looked perfect and comfortable wearing wide jeans with a dark blue blouse and complemented with a black blazer.

Also, She wore a black scarf that gave her a more elegant touch, and she completed her look with white tennis shoes. giving comfort to your look.

Skinny jeans with jacket and ankle boots

Anne also taught fashion and style classes wearing dark skinny jeans with a black sweater and jacket in the same tone.

The famous took some black ankle boots with red laces and gave a chic touch to her look with a small black bag.

Jeans with shirt and heels

the protagonist of The Devil Wears Prada wasted elegance with a modern and youthful look with wide jeans and white shirt.

This outfit was combined with some cream heels, a light blue and white jacket, and a black and white beanie.

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Jeans and denim shirt

Another top outfit that the famous has worn is some jeans with a denim shirt, achieving a stylish outfit.

The celebrity wore this look with heels, but if you want something simpler and more comfortable you can wear it with white tennis shoes and you’ll look just as good.

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