Anne Hathaway wore wide jeans with Birkenstock sandals and looks stylish

Anne Hathaway has shown a series of outfits inspired by the 60s for his next movie, Mothers’ Instinct. However, in one of his breaks, between scenes, he has revealed that the look of wide jeans Y Birckenstock sandals is an infallible duet of the celebrities and of the prescribers of style who seek comfort, in addition to achieving a result of elegance effortless.

The reality is that this is not the first time that the winner of an Oscar, Anne Hathaway, declares his taste for both fashionable pieces. Both the wide leg denim pants like the flat sandals, specifically those of the German firm that has crept into the wardrobe of those who dress best, have been a constant in the recent looks of the interpreter. And it is that you are wardrobe staples They are so versatile that they allow you to create combinations of summer to autumn. And today, we’ll talk about how to do it that way.

How to wear wide jeans with flat sandals according to Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway in wide jeans and metallic Birkenstock sandals.James Devaney/Getty Images

The Cowboys who wears the actress of The Devil Wears Fashionablebelong to the desired list of Trendy jeans for Fall-Winter 2022. However, it is worth noting that these will be able to be carried from the summer if they are combined with light blouses and with the correct layers, especially on days when changes in weather are inherent to the summer season.

In order not to take a false step, the low platform sandals and in metallic texture, they will be the most comfortable option. That is how Anne Hathaway go for the multi-layered look which, oddly enough, works. With a hoodie in gray, and a patchwork coat in shades of blue confirms that the outfits with success are based on having the right basic wardrobe pieces to finally add a touch of personality that makes the difference.

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