Announced sequel to ‘I am Legend’ with Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan as protagonists

This Friday it was announced that Warner Bros is working on a sequel of the movie ‘I’m legend’one of the most remembered tapes of Will Smithwho gave life to Robert Neville, the only man immune to a virus that ended humanity.

According to the Deadline news portal, the sequel will bring back Will Smith as the protagonist alongside Michael B Jordanof whom it is still unknown what role he will play in the post-apocalyptic tape.

In addition, they confirmed that both actors would also be producers of the film and that the script would be carried out by Akiva Goldsman, who was also the writer of the film. first feature film; however, there are no details about the plot.

‘I am legend’ was a big success when it was released, in 2007, since it even managed to raise 585 million dollars against a budget of 150 million, so the announcement of the sequel has been well accepted by fans.

This news comes exactly 15 years after the tape came to light; In addition, the news was confirmed by Will Smithsince he even posted a photo on his Instagram.

In it you can see a completely empty street with some plants growing between the pavement, showing that humans have long abandoned this place.

In addition, the ‘Hancok’ actor labeled Michael B. Jordan, so fans of the tape and Will Smith went crazy and deduced that it was a part of the set where the filming of the tape would take place.

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So far there are no more details about it and it is also unknown what other actors may be added to the project; however, Alice Braga and Charlie Tahan are also expected to return to this post apocalyptic thriller.

This is not the first time that there has been talk of a sequel of ‘Soy Leyenda’ since, in 2012, after the success of the first installment, they tried to work on a second part and even had a screenwriter; however, the proposal remained in the air.

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