Annoyed Tito ‘El Bambino’ with ‘La Burbu’ for “joke” that he did not like – Metro Puerto Rico

The urban exponent Tito ‘El Bambino’ let his annoyance be known for some expressions made by the influencer Daniel ‘El Travieso’ during an interview with the animator Angelique Burgos “La Burbu” for his YouTube channel.

In one part of the interview, the entertainer challenged the influencer to answer several questions with fictitious answers in the dynamic that she called “fiction or reality”. Therefore, Daniel began to answer several questions with answers that are not necessarily real.

However, putting an advance on the cheerleader’s account on Instagram could have misinterpreted the young man’s expressions and Tito El Bambino himself reacted on the social network.

“My truth is that this joke can be misunderstood, revealing that I, as a father, am begging for tickets, which is not true. And even more lending themselves so that they take my son as an object of ridicule accuses (sic.) of his unnecessary promotion. We have always supported local talent as a family by paying the tickets for their shows! I love you because in my heart there is no evil for anyone but I did not like this joke and when you like it I will make public the payment of the tickets!! We are still corduroy! El Patron (sic.)”, expressed Tito El Bambino.

As part of the dynamic, the “fiction or reality” animator asked the influencer to answer the following question:

“There is a public figure who always tells me: my kids love your shows, but they always ask for free tickets and never buy,” Burgos asked.

To which the influencer replied: “You know who you are, you are afraid that I am going to say your name, right, you thought that this question was never going to be asked but now they are asking me… I am talking to you… I’m talking to you, Tito El ‘Bambino’”, expressed Daniel ‘El Travieso’.

“If you are the boss, pay. I have to say that this is a lie, Tito is a corduroy, “he added.

Later and after publishing the interview in its entirety, the animator expressed:

“Daddy you had to see the full interview, it’s a game of fiction or reality… You are the Boss and that’s clear,” he wrote.

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