another cold shower for the rossoblùs


The Cagliari faces the newly promoted in the advance of the 7th round of Serie A Venice led by Paolo Zanetti: for Walter Mazzarri’s men this is the last game before the national break.

bianchi-immobiliare-one hundred thirty-one

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curated by Francesco Aresu

90 ‘+ 4’ END OF THE RACE – The match between Cagliari and Venice ends with a draw reached in full recovery. Rossoblù mocked by Busio at the end. One point each for the two teams,

90 ‘+ 1’ ⚽ GOAL VENICE! – Cold shower for the rossoblù who see the victory fade under the nose of Busio who, from inside the Sardinian area, kicks and aided by a deviation finds the equal goal.

90 ‘- Four minutes of recovery are granted.

89 ‘- Caceres throw-in for Pavoletti, but a foul is committed on the attacker.

87 ‘- 🔄 DOUBLE REPLACEMENT CAGLIARI: Altare and Grassi enter the field, Strootman and Carboni leave.

86 ‘- Carboni stops: it seems to be a muscle problem for the young central defender.

85 ‘- On the sidelines Altar and Grassi prepare. They will probably be the last cards played by Mr. Mazzarri.

82 ‘- Rossoblù less aggressive in this final stage of the race.

80 ‘- 🔄 REPLACEMENT VENICE: inside Forte, Johnsen comes out.

79 ‘- Heymans cross inside the opposing area, Cragno collects between the gloves.

76 ‘- 🔄 REPLACEMENT VENICE: inside Heymans, outside Aramu.

73 ‘- Punishment for Cagliari from the left, on the Lykogiannis ball who is looking for Pavoletti, but Maenpaa anticipates everyone.

72 ‘- 🔄 CAGLIARI REPLACEMENT: outside Deiola, inside Zappa, with Nandez going left in 4-4-2.

69 ′ – 🟨 ADMONITION VENICE: hard and broken intervention by Aramu on Nandez, flawless yellow.

67 ‘- 🟨 VENICE WARNING: yellow for simulation to Johnsen, but the replay leaves many doubts on the interpretation of Volpi who rightly did not grant the penalty, but the warning seems excessive.

65 ‘- 🔄 CAGLIARI REPLACEMENT: outside the author of the goal Keita Baldé, inside Pavoletti.

64 ‘- 🧤 CRAGNO PARADE: good intervention by the rossoblù goalkeeper on Busio’s header, served well by Crnigoj on the right.

62 ‘- Meanwhile Pavoletti, Zappa and Grassi continue to warm up: the Livorno player will be the first to enter the field, presumably in place of Keita.

60 ‘- Zanetti’s team begins to take more and more field, with Cagliari now crushed in its half of the field.

56 ‘- VENICE OPPORTUNITY: the guests insist in the rossoblù half, first with Crnigoj on which Lykogiannis is good at not committing a foul, then on Aramu’s cross from the left Cragno blocks to the ground.

54 ‘- 🔄 REPLACEMENT VENICE: outside Ampadu, inside Vacca.

53 ‘- CAGLIARI OPPORTUNITY: great restart of the rossoblù with Joao Pedro serving Nandez in the race, perfect cross in the center for Keita who fails to get on the ball.

52 ‘- 🟨 VENICE WARNING: yellow for Ampadu, who stops Deiola on the restart.

51 ‘- VENICE OPPORTUNITY: Henry’s mistake in the area was incredible and he headed off Johnsen’s assist and gave the ball to Cragno.

50 ‘- 🟨 CAGLIARI ADMONITION: this time it is Strootman who ends up among the bad guys, late intervention on Aramu in midfield.

48 ‘- VENICE OPPORTUNITY: the guests’ first conclusion in the second half, with Crnigoj’s right-footed volley on Johnsen’s cross from the left, with the ball out.

47 ‘- Cagliari immediately forward to the right, with Venezia ready to recover the ball and start again.

46 ‘- The match starts again!

45 ‘- 🔄 DOUBLE REPLACEMENT VENICE: outside Okereke and Kiyine, inside Henry and Crnigoj.

21.44 – Venice returns to the field, anticipating both Cagliari and the referee team.

DOUBLE WHISTLE OF VOLPI: a nice Cagliari deservedly closed the first half ahead, thanks to the second Rossoblù goal by Keita Baldé at 18 ‘, crowning a great action at the restart after recovering the ball. To report a great parade by Cragno on Johnsen and the sensational pole of Marin at 38 ‘. See you soon with the story of the second half!

⏱️ RECOVERY: one minute of extratime


43 ′ – Last minutes of the first half, with Cagliari trying to control the maneuver without finding offensive outlets, risking not a little on the restarts of Johnsen and Okereke.

40 ‘- Lykogiannis corner kick from the left, Caceres is anticipated by Aramu but Volpi inexplicably does not grant the second corner to the rossoblù, amid protests from players and the public.

38 ‘- MARIN’S POLE! Yet another central percussion run of the rossoblù number 8, irrepressible up to the edge of the Venetian area, but the right diagonal is just wide and hits the upright.

37 ‘- Zanetti’s Venezia maneuver is very fluid, while Cagliari relies on restarts.

33 ‘- Ball of the game now firmly in the feet of Venice, with Cagliari passing to 4-4-2 mirroring Venice, but attacking with a very offensive 4-2-4.

29 ‘- 🟨 VENICE WARNING: yellow to Kiyine for a foul in midfield on Strootman.

27 ‘- VENICE OPPORTUNITY: still close guests on a par with Kiyine who focuses from the left and explodes the right, to the side not by much at the far post.

26 ‘- 🧤 CRAGNO PARADE! Save the result the goalkeeper rossoblù on the right of Johnsen from the left at the near post, with the ball also hitting the wood.

23 ‘- 🟨 VENICE WARNINGS: Ceccaroni also ends up on Volpi’s notebook, for a foul on Keita right in the midfield circle.

22 ‘- 🟨 CAGLIARI ADMONITION: yellow for Nandez, for a foul on Kiyine in midfield.

20 ‘- VENICE OPPORTUNITY: Aramu tries the Olympic goal from a corner, but Godin intervenes to remove the ball from the near post area.

Perfect restart of Cagliari on the Marin-Nandez axis, which reaches the edge of the area and serves a very solitary Caceres who puts in the middle for the perfect head-off of the Hispanic-Senegalese, who beats Maenpaa unstoppably and blows up the Unipol Domus!

18 ‘- ⚽ GOOOOOOOL OF CAGLIARI !!!!!! KEITA !!!!!!

17 ‘- OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI: Marin again from the left for Deiola, right from the edge contracted by Ceccaroni, again Maenpaa para without major problems.

14 ‘- CAGLIARI OPPORTUNITY: ball recovered by Marin for Deiola, left-handed from the edge of the sangavinese who ends up docile in the arms of Maenpaa.

11 ‘- CAGLIARI OPPORTUNITY: lost ball by Ebuehi towards the center, Joao Pedro recovers who reaches the limit and tries the right placed, but Ceccaroni dirty the conclusion, with Maenpaa avoiding the corner.

8 ‘- OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI: corner from the right on Marin’s feet, ball rejected to the limit by Ceccaroni, Lykogiannis tries the left-handed blow but the ball comes out not just a little.

5 ‘- Doubts about a contact between Joao Pedro and Svoboda at the edge of the area, even the replay does not clarify but Volpi di Arezzo lets it go.

3 ‘- Second foul by Kiyine on Nandez on the right wing: free kick on Lykogiannis’ feet towards Keita, but the ball fades into a fundamental foul.

2 ‘- The 3-5-2 for the rossoblù is confirmed on the field, while Zanetti lines up Aramu-Okereke forward, with Johnsen making the right winger.


20.44 – Teams on the field, Cagliari who will attack from right to left with Alessio Cragno who goes to take the applause of the South Curve.

20.40 – Beautiful choreography of the South Curve, with red and blue nylon strips, which cross the entire sector horizontally.

20.37 – These, however, the words of Walter Mazzarri to Sky’s microphones: “Having the whole squad available would have been the best thing, but a coach who works with the whole group shouldn’t feel sorry for himself. I believe that the guys who will go on the pitch today will give everything and that’s the important thing, I can’t wait to take the field. The first two days of preparation we worked little because we had to recover from the away game. We did two training sessions on the pitch and I received more positive feedback than I saw in the last match ”.

20.34 – First offensive chants of the visiting fans, confirming the ancient rusts between the two supporters. However, the response from the North curve is not aimed at the guests, but against the Rossoblu patron Tommaso Giulini, defined as the “incompetent President”.

20.30 – While the teams return to the locker room for the last indications before the kick-off, the official call for Godin, Nandez, Pereiro and Caceres for the Uruguay triptych of matches arrives.

20.28 – So Andrea Carboni to Dazn’s microphones: “We are entering the mechanics of the coaches, after difficult weeks we are ready to make a change. The Cagliari shirt? It weighs, but it is a huge pride to play for this team. The group has always been there, we are compact and we work well. I consider myself lucky to play at 20 with players of the caliber of Godin and Caceres, but I have to continue to show that I deserve that place ”.

20.25 – Last shooting sessions for Cagliari and Venice, on the notes of a techno remix of “Eye of the Tiger”, the iconic soundtrack of Rocky III, a film with Sylvester Stallone.

8.15pm – Teams on the pitch for warm-up, while the stadium sectors fill up slowly.


CAGLIARI (3-5-2): Cragno; Caceres, Godin, Carboni; Nandez, Marin, Strootman, Deiola, Lykogiannis; Keita, Joao Pedro.
Available: Aresti, Radunovic; Altar, Bellanova, Zappa; Fat, Olive; Pavoletti, Pereiro.
Trainer: Mazzarri.

VENICE (4-3-3): Maenpaa; Ebuehi, Svoboda, Ceccaroni, Mazzocchi; Kiyine, Ampadu, Busio; Aramu, Okereke, Johnsen.
Available: Neri, Molinaro, Vacca, Tessmann, Forte, Henry, Fiordilino, Heymans, Bjarkason, Caldara, Crnigoj, Dor Peretz.
Trainer: Zanetti.

19:15Cagliari squad list issued this morning: besides Ceppitelli and Ceter, Walukiewicz and Farias will also be absent.

19:15 – Good evening friends of Centotrentuno, welcome to the textual account of the match between Cagliari and Venice, valid for the 7th matchday of Serie A.


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