another “member” jokes about Scorsese’s criticism of Marvel. And the mockery is final

Lately James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, has returned to talk about the criticisms leveled by Martin Scorsese to the cinecomic Marvel, and the words of the author of Taxi Driver As it was easy to hypothesize, on the cine-comics of the House of Ideas, they are back strongly topical also on social networks.

So much so that another filmmaker from MCU, the director of Doctor Strange Scott Derrickson, shared on Twitter a very joking and mocking image that makes fun of Scorsese in relation to his controversial utterances on Marvel. Derrickson, who abandoned the sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness due to creative differences (behind the camera Sam Raimi will sit in his place), he posted for the benefit of his followers a simple logo with Marvel Studios graphics without any comment about it, only that the name reported is – in an eloquent choice in itself – that of Martin Scorsese.

To the podcast microphones Happy Sad Confused by Josh Horowitz, Gunn had criticized Martin Scorsese’s stance in recent days while expressing words of strong esteem for him. HERE you can read the full letter that the director of wild bull had written to justify his thinking, to which Gunn retorted: “I think it is tremendously cynical that he took sides against the Marvel movies and that this is the only thing that got him the attention of the press for his film. So kept attacking Marvel to advertise his film. He was creating that movie in the shadow of the Marvel ones, and he used this to get attention for something that otherwise wouldn’t have as much of it as he would like. “ (here all the details on Gunn’s intervention).

“I don’t look at them. I tried, you know? But it’s not cinema – said Scorsese in 2019 in his now well-known and much debated position since then – Honestly, the closest I can think of, based on how they’re made, with actors doing the best they can under certain circumstances, is theme parks. This is not the cinema of human beings who try to transmit emotional and psychological experiences to another human being “.

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