Another roll. Why the program ended; This was told by Adal Ramones

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Another roll It was a night program that during its broadcast on Televisa, from 1995 to 2007, enjoyed great popularity due to the charisma and humor of its host. Adal Ramonesand the sections that he presented together with his team, made up of celebrities such as Yordi Rosado, Mauricio Castillo and Roxana Castellanos.

Due to the fame achieved by the production – which came to have international guests such as Britney Spears, Shakira, Will Smith and Sylvester Stallone –, its end, on May 8, 2007, surprised and saddened the viewers.

but why did it end Another roll? Adal Ramones himself was in charge of revealing what caused the end of the program during an interview he gave in 2019 for the radio program that Yordi Rosado has on Exa FM.

This was told by Ramones after Yordi asked him: “You have done many things, a person who has done and has had the opportunity to do so many things. What do you want to do friend?

“I didn’t want to drive… You know I said ‘Let’s stop Another roll‘” Adal replied.

Then the driver explained: “People were left with the idea of ​​’Oh Adal, they shouldn’t have taken you Another roll‘, and you really know, that I discussed it with you ‘I no longer want to do Another roll‘, I wanted to live more with the family”.

Although it is true that we did well financially, I didn’t even have days to go buy some shoes. Suddenly it was ‘Yes, I would like to enjoy my money, a little trip, I have to live life more’”.

“Suddenly, when I tried that, I said ‘I don’t want to drive, I want to tour, play’, not something that would tie me down and not spend my image on TV, not say ‘We have it on Mondays and the Tuesday in the other’, I said ‘I’m going to play it, if people forget me, no way’” Addal added.

Likewise, the television presenter assured that “never missed Another rollI never said ‘Why did I stop it?’, the bosses told me ‘Let’s put it back’ and I said no”.

Finally, he acknowledged that “we made an attempt in add the showwhich was recorded, Another roll You know it was live, but starting on Saturday… We couldn’t talk about what was happening in the monologue because we did it on Tuesday and it came out on Saturday, one of the worst days to do television”.


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