Another video of the Pixel 7a in hand is filtered to confirm one of the functions of its screen

With a continuous design, seen again a few hours ago in another Pixel 7a video, this next Google smartphone has everything to become one of the most striking of 2023.

[El Google Pixel 7a se filtra con nuevas imágenes que muestran un diseño que es bien familiar]

In hand the Pixel 7a

Would in the month of April or May when the new Pixel 7a is supposedly going to be announced, which continues the design seen in the previous Pixel 6a and with very similar dimensions, although a little narrower.

in this new video you can take a closer look to this Android terminal and thus pass by before those rendered images or 360-degree video that we have seen previously.

Pixel 7a video

Pixel 7a video

The Free Android

Even though the video is a little out of focusit is certified that the previous leaks were on the right track with that bottom bezel that takes up your big space and that rectangular camera module that covers the upper part of the mobile; a watchword for the latest Pixel 6, Pixel 6a and Pixel 7.

Perhaps what throws back the most is those very visible bezels for a time when most smartphones are very thin.

Bezels appear on Pixel 7a

Los biseles aparecen en el Pixel 7a

El Androide Libre

Uno de los detalles que emergen de este vídeo desenfocado del Pixel 7a es el ratio de refresco de la pantalla para alcanzar la cifra de los 90 Hz. Otro dato es el soporte a Dual SIM.

Basados en filtraciones anteriores, el Pixel 7a se valdrá de una pantalla con resolución FHD+, sistema dual de cámaras en la trasera, soporte a carga inalámbrica y un sensor de huellas en pantalla, vía GSMArena.

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