Antares Vision focuses on “smart” food and cosmetics

Its motto is “technology to improve life”. But in Antares Vision, which became a startup to listed group in just over ten years, digital has also benefited net revenues (162 million in 2020), which grew by 29.5% in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period last year. A trend that is consolidated over time and promises further impetus thanks to the recent entry, two years ago, into the food & beverage market.

The traceability, authentication, quality control and data management solutions that the Travagliato company had initially concentrated in the pharmaceutical sector (for now the core business, which generates 62% of revenues) have been extended to cosmetics and toagri-food (today 38% of the revenue). This latter sector allows us to presume ample margins for expansion, especially in reference to the safeguarding of the identity of the product and of Made in Italy. «Just think – explains Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares together with Massimo Bonardi – that the food & beverage is at least ten times bigger than pharmaceuticals and the export of Made in Italy is worth 50 billion, but the counterfeiting of the same is double “.

This means that systems capable of testing and certifying the origin, the quality and good conservation of wines and food will be increasingly requested, both by the market and by the law. «In this – continues Zorzella – digitization plays a fundamental role, because it allows us to trace the product from raw materials to sales and have all information available on a single end-to-end platform. But above all make them available through the product itself, which become “smart” thanks to technology “. A system also designed for the benefit of the environment, with the possibility of measuring energy consumption and the impact of different types of production.

The result came through a lively acquisition strategy, with seven companies that made it possible to expand the market in terms of geography and sector. “We started in 2007 with 18 people – recalls Zorzella – and today we are more than two thousand in four continents, but, despite the diversity that characterizes the various realities, we wanted to maintain a single brand identity, faithful to the values ​​with which we were born. : resilience, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, passion and energy “.

26% of the organization carries out research and development in 3 international centers (one of which in Travagliato), while there are 31 production sites. But if the food sector could become the leading sector in the coming years, for now Antares remains a leader in the medical sector, adding a new control project in the drug administration processes born recently in collaboration with the San Raffaele hospital. «The pandemic crisis – observes Micaela Orizio, marketing and communication director of Antares – has imposed a change of paradigm, giving new priorities of values. Tracing a product, giving it a digital identity with a unique QR code, opens a channel and a dialogue between the consumer and the producer. Hence the “deep smart” product, which collects information in the field and keeps the promise of transparency to create a relationship of trust with the final consumer ».