Anti-corruption ‘former prosecutor’ reappears, Gustavo Moreno has a new position – Medellín – Colombia

The former anti-corruption prosecutor Luis Gustavo Morenosentenced for the case of the ‘Toga cartel’ in March 2018, reappeared in recent days in Antioquia with a new professional facet.

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The Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice granted freedom last October, after establishing that the lawyer had already served his sentence.

In March 2018, the high court had sentenced him for the crimes of Concussion and improper use of privileged official information. Moreno was sentenced to a sentence of 4 years, 10 months and 15 days, which he served in Colombia and in the United States.

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In that country, Moreno was sentenced by a court in the Southern District of Florida for conspiring to launder money. For the Supreme Court, the charges in both countries were based on similar facts, despite having different names.

Thus, he calculated that the time of Moren’s deprivation of liberty should start from the June 27, 2017when he was captured for extradition purposes.

The anti-corruption ‘ex-prosecutor’ Gustavo Moreno.

Now, Moreno reappeared in the department of Antioquia where he will hold the position of head of special content and editorials in the information portal Nación Paisa.

“I paid for my guilt, I recovered my freedom. I was sentenced for many years in different prisons in the United States and Colombia. I want to thank God and this publishing house that gives me a second chancethe former national anti-corruption director said in a video posted on his new employer’s website.

For their part, from that means of communication they affirmed that: “We believe in the resocialization of people who were deprived of their liberty by allowing post-convicts to access a formal job that guarantees a new opportunity in their life”.

The decision, as they commented, was made based on the Second Chance Law which was approved last June by the Congress of the Republic. This is the initiative supported by the actress and president of the Internal Action Foundation, Johana Bahamón and sanctioned by the then president Iván Duque.

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The former anti-corruption ‘czar’ assured that from his position he will conduct interviews on the national and international agenda.

In fact, in his first appearance on camera supported the proposal of the Minister of JusticeNéstor Osuna, about the possibility of prisoners going out to work during the day and returning to their detention centers at night.

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