Anti-inflammatory defends over time those recovered from severe covid – Medicine

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 13 – The simple prescription of an anti-inflammatory drug (for example a cortisone) at the time of discharge could halve the risk of long-term death for those who have overcome a severe form of SARS infection- CoV-2, whose risk of dying within one year of hospitalization is more than double on average.

This is suggested by a study published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine and conducted at the University of Florida: the experts revealed that covid patients who during hospitalization reached higher levels of inflammation (measurable on the basis of the concentration of a molecule in the blood, the C reactive protein), are those most at risk of death from any cause, in the year following hospitalization.

The same researchers in previous work found that patients hospitalized with severe covid had a more than doubled risk of death for the full year following hospitalization, compared to individuals who took moderate or mild covid.

In this new study, US experts showed in a group of 1207 patients hospitalized for covid that those with higher levels of C-reactive protein during hospitalization had a risk of dying (from any cause for the entire first year of discharge) of 61. % higher than in patients who had low levels of C reactive protein during hospitalization. The hypothesis of the clinicians is that the high levels of inflammation reached by the organism of the patients during the acute infection persist over time even after healing, increasing the risk of death of the cured person for the whole year following hospitalization. (HANDLE).


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