Antonela Roccuzzo posed with her family in the snow and Lionel Messi’s look surprised everyone

Antonela Roccuzzo posó  with her family in the snow and the look of Lionel Messi surprised & # xf3;  to all

Antonela Roccuzzo posed with her family in the snow and Lionel Messi’s look surprised everyone – Credits: @Instagram Antonela Roccuzzo

Although she keeps her privacy as far away from the media as possible, Antonella Roccuzzo He often shares snippets of his routine with his more than 32 million followers. In her posts and stories, she shows the romantic outings that she stars in with Lionel Messi, scenes from her family life and even the stunning looks that she chooses to attend the various events to which she is invited.

On this occasion, he decided to publish the postcards of a brief getaway in the snow, but All eyes were fixed on the particular outfit chosen by the captain of the Argentine team.

After spending several weeks installed in the hot Qatar during the World Cup and after several days in the province of Rosario -where they celebrated the holidays with the whole family-, Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo They left behind the warm climates and, installed in France, had to face the European winter again. Far from being dejected by the low temperatures that besiege their home, they chose to take advantage of the advantages that the cold brings.

Antonela Roccuzzo and her children enjoyed a day in the snow

Antonela Roccuzzo and her children enjoyed a day in the snow – Credits: @instagram @antonelaroccuzzo

Last monday, Lionel Messi was not called up for the match between PSG and Pays de Cassel within the framework of the French Cup -a match from which the Parisian team emerged victorious, with a final score of 7-0, with five goals from Kylian Mbappé- and, therefore, the entire family used those days to move to an area with snow to practice various winter sports.

Through his Instagram profileAntonela was in charge of recording the most outstanding moments of her walk. The one she chose to lead the carousel consisted of a tender family photo, where she, Leo, Ciro, Mateo and Thiago posed in their special snow suits with the imposing mountainous landscape in the background.

The looks of Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi during the snowy day stole all the attention

Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi’s looks during the snow day stole all the attention – Credits: @instagram @antonelaroccuzzo

In the comments section there were several dedicated to the three children, however, most focused on the striking looks selected by the couple. For her part, Rosario -a fan of fashion- stood out at the combine a thermal outfit total black with a short metallic pink feathered jacket, thus distinguishing himself from the rest of the family, who wore completely black outfits.

For his part, Messi’s clothes drew attention because, apparently, he is the one who least supports the cold. Therefore, in addition to the pants and the stylish jacket puffer, put on a hat that covered his entire forehead and a collar with which he covered himself over his nose, leaving only the eyes free.

Antonela Roccuzzo with Daniella Semaan Fàbregas, wife of player Cesc Fabregas

Antonela Roccuzzo with Daniella Semaan Fàbregas, wife of the player Cesc Fabregas – Credits: @instagram @antonelaroccuzzo

In the rest of the photos, Roccuzzo made it clear that they did not travel alone, but rather Daniella Semaan Fabregas -wife of player Cesc Fabregas- along with their children joined the trip. Despite the fact that the friendship between the two families began thanks to the link between the Spaniard and the Rosario, slowly their two wives developed a great relationship and repeatedly made it clear through sweet exchanges on Instagram.

On this occasion, who posed in a fun selfie with “the first lady of soccer”, wrote in the comments: “A beautiful day”. Who did not appear in the scrapbook was Fabregas, who is uncertain if he was part of the getaway or not.


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