Antonella Arpa bursting with happiness in Hollywood: a screaming neckline

Antonella Arpa, directly from the United States, is continuing to charm her fans with always spicy posts. Pink dress and neckline: “You can’t see it!”

Model Antonella Arpa (Instagram)

He’s been flooding his fans with content lately. Antonella Harp it is in fact at the moment in the United States, and from the West Coast is showing up in the last few hours in a series of posts to lose your breath. Always bewitching and radiant, even today the most famous cosplayer on the web did not disappoint her fans, speaking directly from her hotel in Hollywood. In California, the showgirl once again sports a stunning body, this time in a gorgeous low-cut pink dress.

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Super smiling Himorta, with her unique red hair, let herself be immortalized in a dreamy close-up and in the caption she gave vent to all her joy. “No, but you can’t see that I’m happy”, he joked in the description, speaking with lots of hearts and American flags.

Antonella Arpa in California: “Beautiful vision”

Instagram post
Instagram post (screenshot)

A joy for the fans is the model’s stay in America. In fact, from California, Arpa is continuing to share many shots, videos and posts of all kinds, in all different ways. First straight from Santa Monica, next to the Bay Watch-style lifeguard tower complete with costume Red. Then from Hollywood, in a yellow dress that almost resembled Emma Stone in LaLaLand.

Skimpy stars and stripes costume yesterday, while today she wore a pink dress with yellow stars, very low-cut and certainly up to the previous content. The fans in the comments were unleashed, between hearts and emoticons: “Beautiful vision”, we read between the messages.

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