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More than 1.2 million followers has Antonella Rios on her Instagram account, where she is always sharing all kinds of records about her day to day, as well as her upcoming projects and sensual photos that leave many speechless.

But this is not all, since the actress He also has a profile on Unlok, a platform quite similar to Only Fans, where users who pay a monthly amount will be able to access all the risqué content that is not accepted on other sites.

Although Antonella Ríos also takes the opportunity to show records of his youth, being filled with applause. This is how it happened this Thursday, which on social networks is already established as the day on which souvenir postcards are published.

It turns out that the interpreter uploaded a postcard from when he was only 27 years old. Along with this, he wrote a heartfelt message: «My #tbt today is to remember that each stage seeing it from a distance has its beauty. Many times you are in front and you cannot see it 💕 Love yourself in all your forms, set limits without guilt and with claw move forward to build your own empire 👑 I love you ».

Antonella Ríos was filled with compliments for her photo

Obviously, within minutes of sharing the post, Antonella Ríos It already had almost four thousand likes and dozens of comments from its public, who did not hesitate to assure him that he is better than ever and almost nothing has changed.

Along with this, many of the users assured that the girl in her early years She looked just like the gringa actress Zendaya, Known for her roles in the ‘Euphoria’ series or the new ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy.

“Super beautiful”; “So cute”; “Super equal to Zendaya”; “You’re beautiful just the same in any case”; “Zendaya 100 point zero”; “What would the beautiful woman of today say to that beautiful girl of yesterday”; “It is perhaps the most beautiful photo of you”; “You’re a goddess”; “The message is very nice… love your present” and “So beautiful anto” is part of what they told her.

Instagram Antonella Rios
Instagram Antonella Rios

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