Antonio García Ferreras and Ana Pastor will analyze the keys to election day in Andalusia on ‘LaSexta Noche’

‘Let yourself be loved’ arrives on Saturday night on Telecinco with a special installment (10:00 p.m.). On this occasion, the program receives Francisco Rivera Ordonezthat in his conversation with Toñi Moreno It addresses his origins, his childhood and the main milestones of his career and comments on what his life is like today. In addition, Rivera Ordonez receives an emotional message from two people who want to give him a surprise related to his motherCarmen Ordonez. Also, Tanyamodel and former contestant on ‘Survivors’ also attends ‘Let yourself be loved’, where I know meets again with a person very dear to her who sends her a special message.

Antenna 3

A new pass of ‘The fire of revenge’ arrive tonight Antenna 3 (10:10 p.m.). Disappointed with his life, a government agent (Washington) reluctantly takes a job protecting a girl (Dakota Fanning) whose parents have been threatened with kidnapping. Her relationship with her protégé will awaken unknown feelings in him. When the girl is kidnapped, her rage will be unleashed against those responsible.

The sixth

‘LaSexta noche’ is once again LaSexta’s bet (9:30pm). This week, the program presented by José Yelamo and Verónica Saenz is visited by Antonio García Ferreras and Ana Pastor, who will analyze the keys to election day in Andalusia. On the other hand, the space will do accounts to find out how much we are going to become poorer due to the rise in prices and they will talk with Juan José Millás and Juan Luis Arsuaga.


TVE 1 schedules a new screening of the film ‘Rose’s wedding‘ (10:05 p.m.). About to turn 45, Rosa realizes that she has always lived for others and decides to leave, leave everything. and push the nuclear button. He wants to take control of his life and fulfill his dream of having his own business. But she will soon discover that her father, her brothers and his daughter have other plans, and that changing her life is not so easy if it is not in the family script.


A new pass of ‘Atomic‘ occupies the prime time of Four (10:15 p.m.). Year 1989, the Berlin wall is about to fall. An undercover MI6 agent turns up dead and spy Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) must by all means find a list. that the agent was trying to get to the West, and which lists the names of all the undercover agents working in East Berlin. Lorraine will stop at nothing to find that list, taking on multiple assassins and plunging into a world where no one seems to be who she says she is.

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