Anuel AA issues statements at the request of his former artistic manager

The urban exponent Anuel AA rose up against whoever was his handler, Frabian Eli Carrion after he filed a lawsuit for alleged breach of contract.

The expressions arise after Carrión, who worked for many years with the reggaeton player and served as CEO of the company Real Hasta la Muerte, LLC since April 2019, sued several weeks ago through the judicial system of Miami, Florida, to Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago “Anuel AA”, for “unilaterally” terminating the management contract. Also, after the urban artist took away access to bank accounts. According to reports, the lawsuit was filed in August in Miami.

This medium learned that Anuel AA’s lawyers would respond next week to the lawsuit filed by Carrión for breach of contract. However, the artist issued the following statements about the lawsuit:

I recently found out that after removing my former manager from all my bank accounts due to suspicious financial activity and after initiating a forensic audit of all financial transactions and activities, my former manager filed an unsubstantiated legal action, manipulating reality against me. I hope to use the legal process that he started to avoid paying back all the money my auditors question, both labor and personal. My lawyers and my forensic audit team are working to illuminate the full scope of these financial discrepancies that we are now discovering ”, closes the letter, as the only thing the artist would comment on in response to the lawsuit filed by his former manager.

Last August, at his launch in Puerto Rico of his new sneakers, “The Sky Above the Street” in exclusive collaboration with Reebok, Carrión was already conspicuous by his absence. The reggaeton player was accompanied by a new work team.

Meanwhile, on social networks they spread this type of message related to the controversy: “Thank you for the expressions… After working with you, when you were in prison. All the companies turned around and I was there. They all bite your hand.”

In addition to the musical part, both worked as proxies for the basketball team. The Captains of Arecibo.

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