Anuel AA throws ice at a DJ in a bar for using a Karol G song

It is not the first time that the famous urban genre singer has earned the attention of the headlines, Anuel AA has surprised Internet users this time with a video in which he appears throwing ice at him yet DJ of a bar where he was.

The famous has been back in rumors that he will have a child with a woman, in addition, we know that he was not very happy with his separation, so he prefers not to think about Carol G and this was probably the reason why he reacted impulsively.

It is a video in which we can see that the DJ simply played G’s song, “Mommy”, to which quickly at the edge of the balcony the one who was there and threw the solid and liquid that would fall on the forehead of the musician in charge.

It all happened in Orlando, Floridathere is even a video loaded with the establishment that assures that he came as a surprise and despite the fact that he was playing his songs, the public began to ask for the famous singer’s and could only please them.

The person in charge of musical entertainment assures that it is something that he had not planned, he assures that the public commands, in addition, he tells us that he did not expect the famous man to act in that way, being such a great figure in the industry, he was expected to be more professional.

The DJ also assures that he, in his place, would have danced with his partner to the rhythm of the song, something that the “star” surely should have done, but now he is only receiving comments from Internet users for his action.

And it is that for users this fact is reprehensible, some even make the theories that he would have had adventures outside the courtship he had with said singer and therefore he should not be upset.

According to the information that we discussed earlier, it would be a 28-year-old Colombian girl who would be expecting a Reggaetonero baby, rumors that emerged in various US media and that have not been confirmed so far.

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