Anyone But You: Everything You Need to Know About Sidney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s Romantic Comedy

Perhaps “Anyone but you” The film has already had the best press tour outside barbie, It is believed that romantic comedy has been on everyone’s lips since the time of stars. Sydney Sweeney And glen powell Rumors of infidelity surfaced during filming in Australia over the summer.

For those who don’t remember (after all, this year has been plagued with celebrity breakups and infidelity allegations), the undeniable chemistry between Powell and Sweeney caused quite a stir, thanks to some steamy on-set photos, press appearances and flirtatious behind-the-scenes appearances. The video behind which went viral on Twitter. The rumors were further fueled by the fact that Powell’s ex-girlfriend, Gigi Paris, unfollowed the star. Excitement on Instagram before confirming her breakup with the actor top Gun end of April. Meanwhile, Sweeney and her fiancĂ© Jonathan Davino suddenly find themselves at the center of a wave of speculation about their breakup.

Now, with the release of new trailers and information about the upcoming film, it seems like all the drama couldn’t have been a better advertisement for the film, which may not be the simple enemies-to-lovers romance that many of us are expecting. Had hope. This is everything we know about it anyone except you,

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When will anyone be released? You,

Currently, the R-rated film will be released in theaters 22 December 2023.

Who participates?

Obviously, Powell and Sweeney are the stars of the film, but Sweeney also served as executive producer. Will Glueck, from easy adirected the film and worked on the screenplay with writer Ilana Wolpert.

Other cast members include Alexandra Shipp, Gata, Hadley Robinson, Michelle Hurd, Dermot Mulroney, Darren Barnett and Rachel Griffiths.

what is this about anyone except you,

Not much was known about this romantic comedy when it was first announced in January 2023, but the title suggests it’s an enemies-and-lovers film: “Just know that the movie is going to be a lot of fun.” It’s gonna be. It’s a lot of fun. And it gives love, it gives humor, it gives sex,” Sweeney explained. entertainment tonight in March. “It does all the great things that make a movie. And we want to bring back the good old romantic comedy with Will Gluck, and we’re having a great time doing it.”


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