Apex Legends Players Slam “Infuriating” Three Strikes LTM Respawn Bug

Apex Legends fans are fed up with an “infuriating” glitch in Three Strikes LTM that respawns them in the middle of the map no matter what.

Apex Legends’ Three Strikes LTM has been a huge hit among the community, with many asking developer Respawn Entertainment to make it a permanent addition to the game.

Unfortunately, the new LTM is not without its quirks and setbacks, such as an annoying exploit discovered by players that allows squads to kill pregnant players.

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Now, Apex Legends fans have expressed their frustrations over another “infuriating” glitch that has emerged in Three Strikes, which has apparently cost many squads their games.

Apex Legends vents frustrations over Three Strikes respawn bug

A post on the Apex Legends subreddit brought the issue to the community’s attention.

The OP included a screenshot of the bug in action, showing that his squad members were teleported directly to the center of Olympus, even though the storm had already taken over most of the map.

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They explained: “It literally cost us the game, because the game decided to respawn 2/3 of our team, including me in the center of the map instead of our other teammate.”

According to other commenters, this is not an isolated incident, as they too claimed that this respawn issue ruined the games.

“It happened to me about 10 times in the last 24 hours,” one player said. “When it happens at Stormpoint, I crash into a rock and die with every hit. Very infuriating.”

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Some players claimed that Valkyrie was the reason these respawn issues were occurring in Three Strikes, and some argued that Respawn should “force her to disable” until the issue is fixed.

One fan argued that while Three Strikes is “annoying” specifically, it makes it pretty easy to recover from. “All you have to do is continually revive yourself in a stepwise manner. Since you get so much health from reviving in this mode… technically you could just stagger the revive until you reach your teammate through the ring.”

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While it may be recoverable, it’s certainly still frustrating to have a match ruined by something outside of the player’s control. With the Three Strikes LTM ending in the coming days, it’s unclear if this issue will be fixed before the game mode disappears forever.

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