Apex Legends x Post Malone: ​​all the content it will include

American rapper Post Malone is a confirmed fan of Apex Legends and, as part of Season 19, will have a unique collaboration. More information here!

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¡Apex Legends x Post Malone is a reality! Seeing what was previously published by the artist Ago next week and the subsequent disclosure of the content and changes to the Season 19: IGNITIONthe study Comeback Entertainment Finally everything that will come of it was made official. November 7 to 21 in which they were titled as “the largest collaboration in the history of Appendix”.

For those who don’t separate it, more than that. Malone Message represents the new school of the rap to their 28 years old, the singer was born there Syracuse, New York he holds one side player strongly linked to Apex Legends, about favorite video game. Inside the list of key characters malone at the time of action on it real battle yes they are there Octane, Wraith, Horizon and Lifelinethe items will be received new skins designed in conjunction with hitmaker like Better now either Rock stars.

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Once again, the collaboration will include one store free to play where users can buy different themed cosmetics same as the typical ones blue essences that you need to buy it Skins of weapon or person you want, the stars aims to reach the highest levels of Battle Step (which was renewed with the T19) or the classics loot boxes. By informing the video game authorities, each player can receive a total of 285 credits per day by completing all daily missions.

However the greatest novelty is Apex Legends x Post Malone is the debut of New way to play called Three strikes or three lives. As its name indicates, this limited experience invites you to live a battle where You and you equipment they will have 3 lives before being eliminated.

legends of the apex
The new range Delaware Skins created by Reappear and Malone Message

Every time you experience a complete threesome, everyone will be resurrected with the team that they wore at the time of defeat as armor and progress evo shield, weapons and accessories (not counting the mythical quality) and the usefulness, expressed in the form of municipality, explosives and consumables.

Finish, Reappear will work together with Twitch to promote historic collaboration. Since the start of the event, players of Apex legends They have a list of Twitch obliged to receive drops they are leaving two holograms available to view transmission Delaware couple by 2 hours (from 7/11 to 12/11) and 2 charms under the same slogan but November 14 to 19; the sticker packs the only ones Malone Message are given left behind 4 hours of views. What do you think of collaboration? Apex and Malone?

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