Apple announces four new Arcade Originals games coming in January

From Apple they have released four new Arcade Originals titles that will arrive during the month of January, among which are a Game Freak game and a new interactive title from Pocket Gems.

Through a statement, from Apple they indicated that In 2022, Apple Arcade will release more than 50 new games and more than 300 notable updates to existing hits on the service. In 2023, we look forward to another great year of even more fun and games, starting with four new Arcade Originals this month.”

As for the four games, these correspond to

  • episode XOXO from Pocket Gems – January 6

Developed by Pocket Gems’ Episode Interactive Studio, Episode XOXO is an interactive storytelling game featuring an ever-growing collection of stories where players choose their own destiny, living their stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama. The game will launch with five original stories (Little Star, The Royal Bachelor, No Time For Love, The Secret He Keeps, and Road To Wonderland), with plans to add more stories in future updates.

  • illustrated from Border Leap – January 13

Illustrated immerses players in beautiful illustrations and the stories behind them. Featuring creative gameplay that combines puzzles and word games, each begins with an illustration rendered as an initial concept sketch, along with the hidden words of the artist’s story behind his artwork. With each piece placed correctly, the illustration comes alive with color as the words of the story are slowly revealed.

  • Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! by Game Freak Inc – January 20

Pocket Card Jockey was originally released to great success on Nintendo 3DS, and while the basic rules are the same, the racing segments have been reborn in glorious 3D. Players will work their way to victory by removing sequentially numbered cards in rapid succession. The more cards you clear, the better your horse’s mood will be, which in turn helps them fuel up during races. The position of your horse on the track determines the difficulty of your solo rounds. There are also special cards that can be picked up if they get run over while running. These cards provide a variety of benefits, including leveling up your horse, learning new skills, or improving your horse’s performance in a race. Once their steed is fully loaded and down the stretch, they’ll need to sprint to secure victory.

  • Squiggle Drop from Noodlecake – January 27

Squiggle Drop is a puzzle game that uses creativity and imagination to solve enchanting physics puzzles by drawing a single shape. Players can complete over 100 puzzles, each with multiple and often surprising solutions, and earn rewards to build their own Squiggletown. Unlock buildings, cosmetics, and various upgrades as players expand their own personal city.

Along with this, Apple announced that updates and new content will arrive for different games such as Angry Birds Reloaded, Grindstone, Jetpack Joyride 2 and Skate City.

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