Apple explains why Apple Intelligence is required on the iPhone 15 Pro

If you have an iPhone and were excited about the announcement Apple Intelligence, you probably already know that this feature will be available only for one model of mobile device. After the announcement of WWDC 2024, many users wondered Why Apple limited this feature to iPhone 15 Pro. The good news is that Cupertino’s reaction was not long in coming.

Apple said its artificial intelligence powerful equipment required and it’s almost surprising that it can work on the iPhone. John Giannandrea, Apple’s director of artificial intelligence and machine learning, stated in an interview with John Gruber that language models such as Apple Intelligence models They are computationally expensive..

“It’s a combination of the throughput of the device, the size of the Apple Neural Engine, and the desire of the device to make these models fast enough to be useful,” Giannandrea said. “Theoretically, you could run them on a very old device, but they would be so slow that they would be useless.”

Craig Federighi, director of software engineering, added that his philosophy has always been to bring new features to older devices, but with Apple Intelligence it’s different. “This is the equipment you need. “It’s completely unusual to run models of this power on the iPhone,” he said.

When asked about the limitation of Apple Intelligence on the better-processed iPhone, Federighi responded that The limitation has nothing to do with a specific characteristic.. “The whole system has many dimensions, and RAM is of course an important part.” For his part, Giannandrea noted that the A17 Pro chip has a larger neural engine than its predecessor, which helps run artificial intelligence models.

Apple Intelligence works on iPhone 15 Pro and other Apple devicesApple Intelligence works on iPhone 15 Pro and other Apple devices

Apple Intelligence will be effective in its business

One of the most striking points that emerges from the interview is the attitude towards artificial intelligence within the company. John Giannandrea mentioned that They applied this technology very carefully.. “We’re trying to narrow it down to do what it does really well. For all announced features, we discussed internally whether the technology was ready for users to use,” he said.

The AI ​​chief added that Apple Intelligence has guardrails and safeguards in place to avoid certain problems. However, The company’s goal is not to ban this or that type of speech or ideology. “We don’t want to be the referee. We don’t want to have a huge list of words that you can’t pronounce,” he said. Of course, security is key, and Apple has held many meetings to find the balance.

Although Giannandrea and company are focused, the truth is that Apple Intelligence will not get rid of hallucinations. Tim Cook mentioned a few weeks ago that their AI is not 100% error-free, but they have done their best to offer the best quality.

Apple Intelligence beta version coming this summeralthough it may be limited. AI will only be available on Macs and iPads with M1, M2, M3 and M4 chips (and their variants), as well as iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

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