Apple learns from its mistakes and is already thinking about these news to raise interest in the basic models of the iPhone 15 – IOS

According to the latest rumors related to the future iPhone 15, Manzana has one in mind restructuring complete for the most basic models of the device. After the low sales of the standard devices of the iPhone 14 and the rise of the Pro model, the company would have taken note for its next launch. And, according to what the rumors point out, the entry-level iPhone 15 range may be the most ambitious of any Apple mobile line to date.

The information, which comes from xatakapoints out that Apple plans for the basic iPhone 15 to make the leap to the 48 megapixels that some models of the iPhone 14 already have. Thanks to this, the most basic devices of the next line of Apple will be able to zoom without losing quality, one of the main obstacles of the basic iPhone. In addition, the portal has also revealed information related to the illustrious USB-C port, the processor of future mobile phones, and even a hypothetical price drop.

The most basic model of the iPhone 15 could be cheaper than expected

Thus, in addition to everything mentioned, everything indicates that the basic models of the iPhone 15 will have the same processor than the iPhone 14: the A16 Bionic. Therefore, the new A17 will be reserved for the pro models, Apple’s most popular line today. However, the greatest attraction of these devices could be the USB-C, a connector that Apple will have to integrate into its future mobile phones after having done the same with the iPad. For this reason, for months it has been rumored that the iPhone 15 will be the first to adapt this technology.

Finally, due to the little success of the basic models of the iPhone 14, it seems that the company would have taken the option of lowering the sale price of these. This information complements another from a few weeks ago that indicated that, in the highest range of the iPhone 15 line, it is possible that comfortably overcome the barrier of 2,300 euros. Be that as it may, the various predictions point to september as the date on which more details will be known.

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