Apple offers Super Bowl halftime with bonus Rihanna

Apple has just announced the signing of a partnership contract with the NFL to sponsor the halftime show.

She had not been on stage since 2016. Rihanna has just announced on her social networks her big comeback on the occasion of the halftime of the next Super Bowl. A few hours before the artist’s announcement, it was Apple that entered into a partnership with the NFL (the American football league).

In this multi-year contract, valued at 50 million dollars by our colleagues from the New York Times, Apple takes over from Pepsi, which has been the title sponsor since 2013. The announcement is only half a surprise, however. It’s been a few months since Apple took a particular interest in the world of sport. At a past conference, Tim Cook announced the signing of a broadcasting contract with MLB, the major baseball league across the Atlantic. The games have since been available on Apple TV+ every Friday night for US subscribers.

Apple: first rapprochement with the NFL

The arrival of Apple as a halftime sponsor of the Super Bowl is a huge spotlight for the apple brand. If the reputation of the latter is well established, especially in the land of Uncle Sam, Apple will be able to take advantage of this unequaled media exposure to highlight its various services.

Apple Music should logically be on the front of the stage, Apple’s music service is now in competition with Spotify to become the most popular offer in the world. With global exposure during the Super Bowl halftime, Apple could make some of its backlog against the Scandinavian solution.

This first rapprochement is also a sign of Apple’s interest in the world of sport. Just as the arrival of Ted Lasso’s team in the latest FIFA is a sign of the discussions between Apple and EA Sports, the arrival of the Apple at the heart of the Super Bowl shows the beginning of a common history between the California business and athletic competition.

Rihanna and the Super Bowl: a complicated story

For its part, the signing of Rihanna for February 12 is more surprising. The artist had indeed refused to participate in the event in 2018 in support of Colin Kaepernick. This player of color was expelled by the NFL after kneeling during the American anthem in support of the victims of police violence.

In 2016, after the release of his album “Anti”, the artist from the island of Barbados put his career on hold. She took advantage of these five years to develop her own brand of clothing and cosmetics “Fenty”. Today the company is half-owned by Bernard Arnault’s LVMH group.

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